Before Launching the unique concept of Newspaper team lead India surveyed and researched on all constituencies of Delhi. Even after being the part of National Capital there is big difference between one constituency to other. Reckon among world class city Delhi, you will find two types of living standard, one full of amenities area like CP, South Delhi, Central Delhi and on other side area deprived of basic amenities like Khoda, Burari Najafgarh, Tigaon.

These area are outer area of Delhi. In these area people are bound to live a life like a hell. But there is no media to cover their news.  So Lead India chose Burari, the constituency belongs to outer Delhi where the people are suffering most.

We believe ignorance of media increasing their sufferings. Actually they need such media who can bring forth their problems on front. So Lead India will do this task. In first phase of its launching Lead India will focus on two constituencies.

Most important thing is that this concept doesn’t say that it will highlight only problems of the area. But it will give each and every news of this constituency. Lead India weekly will inform the people about the local politics, schemes for their welfare. It will cover all sectors like business, crime, civic amenities, social contribution, education etc., on very local level.

This edition of Lead India Weekly will first cover Burari and the nearby constituency Timarpur. Later it will launch 34 more editions for Delhi’s 70 constituencies focusing on the issues of their areas.   We hope that through its news Lead India will change the life of the residents of that particular constituency. And we hope in this way lead India will launch this type of Newspaper in all the constituency of India.