1. ‘Lead India Group is?

It is a media house.

  1. Is ‘Lead India Group and Times of India or Times Group has any kind of relationship?

No, ‘Lead India Group has no any kind of relation with Times of India or Times Group

3.’Lead India Group is the Print Media or Electronic Media?

‘Lead India Group’ is Print and Web media. But many Investigated stories of Inside Story were aired in electronic media. Inside Story is a fortnightly newspaper of Lead India Group.

  1. How many publications run in ‘Lead India Group’?

‘Lead India Group runs seven Newspapers that are the following:

  1. LEAD INDIA Hindi Weekly Newspaper
  2. LEAD INDIA English daily newspaper
  3. INSIDE STORY Hindi fortnightly newspaper
  4. INSIDE STORY English fortnightly newspaper
  5. SENSEX TIME Hindi fortnightly magazine
  6. SENSEX TIME English fortnightly magazine
  1. Where is the publication place of ‘Lead India Group?’


  1. Why ‘Lead India Group’s newspapers often not see in the market?

‘Lead India Group post newspapers directly to our certain customers. That’s Why the people may not see our newspapers on stalls.

  1. If you are print media than why your reporters covers news with Mike Ids and recorders?

Today is the age of technology; print media should also be equipped with high technologies. ‘Lead India Group’ is advance and technically sound in the print media. Contrary to the set tradition we established the tradition of covering the news with mike id of our group and recorder in Print Media. Time and Evidence is very important in journalism. Â Recorder saves time and records statement and facts that are very important for any journalist.

  1. Where is the head office of ‘Lead India Group’

It is situated in New Delhi.

  1. Is ‘Lead India Group also working for electronic media?

Yes, the Investigated Stories of ‘INSIDE STORY’ often aired in electronic media.

  1. Who is the founder of ‘Lead India Group?

Shri. Subhash Singh is a founder and Chairman of ‘Lead India Group’ and co founder is Miss Taruna S Gaur.

  1. Is there any other promoter or partner of ‘Lead India Group’?

Shri. Subhash Singh is only promoter of ‘Lead India Group’. We do not have any partnership with any group or any individuals.

  1.  When ‘Lead India Group’ was started?

April 2007.

  1. How the name “Lead India” was chosen for the group?

 Former President Dr. APJ Kalam suggested this name to us. We publish two daily newspapers in Hindi and English language with ‘LEAD INDIA’ title. That’s why we have chosen our group name ‘Lead India Group’.

  1. Why ‘Lead India Group’ started ‘Lead India Publishers Association’?

‘Lead India Group’ was researching on the challenges faced by newspaper publishers. ‘Lead India Group’ involved into a larger context to address the problem. That’s why Lead India Group formed ‘Lead India Publishers association'(LIPA) in the interests of Regional Newspaper publishers. To solve the problems of publishers ‘Lead India Publishers association'(LIPA) is an appropriate and powerful medium.

  1. What is the Motive of Lead India Groups’ Publication?

We started ‘LEAD INDIA’ daily newspaper for new kind of journalism that will talk about positive news. As Dr. Kalam said It is required that the beginning of the day must be happy and gay. Though it doesn’t mean that news from crime and other negative news would be ignored, they will keep on their own place but in a very balanced manner.

‘INSIDE STORY’ fortnightly News Paper was published to expose the corruption and to bring into the light the hidden truth. The truth that runs parallel with mainstream society, the truth which we ignored or don’t want to see deliberately.

We see special column and program for homemaker, children’s query, and career oriented content for youth and so on. In this list, news from economy world cannot be ignored to be treated as special one. We must say it requires more specific and specialized content. Realizing this fact SENSEX TIME fortnightly business magazine was launched.

All these three newspapers also publish in English language to spread it in non-Hindi speaking states.

  1. How ‘Lead India Group’ collect news for its publications?

We collect news and article by our reporters and news agencies. 

  1. How can I give advertisement in ‘Lead India Group’ ?

You can contact our marketing executive on the following numbers: 011-22526645 / 46 and 011-22044470.

  1. How can I join ‘Lead India Group’?

Visit on ‘Lead India Group’s official website www.leadindiagroup.com and click on ‘Be a Part’ tab on top menu section. Choose relevant category and fill the form. Â We will immediately contact you as per our requirements.

  1. Is ‘Lead India Group’ runs any media institute for media students?

Lead India Group runs ‘Lead India Institute of Media Training’ (LIIMT)’. It runs practical training program for media students. Â Student can get professional training of media in practical ways from this institute.

  1. Who are eligible to have Press I CARD of ‘Lead India Group’?

‘Lead India Group’ Issue PRESS I CARD only to them who are directly related to media and our working staff. The detail of I CARD holders uploaded on the Lead India Website in ‘About Us’ in I Card Holders category. If a person whose name is not in the list and shows ‘Lead India Group’s Press I CARD, it would be invalid and illegal.

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