Inspired by the Vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Lead India Group was founded by Mr. Subhash Singh (current Editor-in—chief) and Miss. Taruna S Gaur (current Group Editor) in April 2007. In its making Dr. Kalam gave his valuable suggestion and guidelines too.  Lead India group started with its two newspapers viz., Lead India and Inside Story.

On the one hand Lead India is fulfilling the aspiration of Dr. Kalam with positive stories of Nation; on the other hand Inside Story is leading with its investigated stories. Many investigated stories of Inside Story’s were aired on electronic media. Among those investigated stories “Operation Blue line” was mile stone sting operation that eradicated/sweep out the blue line buses from Delhi’s Roads which was the main cause of big accident and death in capital.

Simultaneously many Investigated Stories created big bang in news world of India.After publishing many stories Lead India Daily and Inside Story fortnightly merged into a group Named “Lead India Group” with more new publication in Hindi and English.  In 2009 Group started Lead India English Daily, Inside Story English, Sensex Times, Hindi & English Fortnightly. In 2010 Lead India started to serve regional media through its Media association viz., Lead India Publishers Association (LIPA).

LIPA brought the Regional media publishers under one umbrella to give strength to their split voice. Meanwhile travelling with time people realizes that media is getting far from their issues due to its global and national limits. Information Technology made world a village and giving all news but missing people’s news. So in 2015 Lead India Weekly was registered with a very unique concept of Newspaper. This weekly paper is very ambitious project of Lead India Group.

Now group has 7 Newspapers in two languages and five main websites for different unites of Lead India Group.