There are 1 lakh 5 thousand and 443 hundred newspapers are registered in RNI and more than 500 News Channels are working in various languages even than people are not getting their own news. Media is covering global news and not raising their issues. If some issues gets place once they don’t get follow up and their news, problem, their issue gone pigmy size. 

Now a days people are realizing that media is getting far from their issues. For media news is only one that is spreading sensation, getting TRP or readership. Actually in the current scenario the scene of media has really been changed. Fast technology has brought global news near and closer news far. But now Lead India will serve vise a versa.

For Lead India priority will the news of a particular area, their problems their issues. It will give a tool in the hand of common man to fight with the system through its news.For now it will start from two constituencies and will cover each and every issue of that area. It will bring change in the lives of that area and will contribute to the vision 2020 of honorable Dr. APJ Kalam. 

It will celebrate the small achievements of that particular area, it will rejoice with their happiness and will be serious on their problems. It, through its news, will serve the people in true sense. We believe this will set new dimension for media to follow.