A scientist, a teacher and above all, an inspiration for us and many generations to come, Late Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam believed that the youth can bring about a revolution in the making of a nation. He invoked youth of all fields to give their contribution in making India Develop country till 2020. 

Inspired by his words, vision and mission the lead India Group was formed in 2007 under his guidance. He was the mentor of Lead India Group he gave various valuable and serene advise to us whenever we were in need. Later when Lead India Publishers Association (LIPA) was conceived and formed in 2010, Mr. Subhash Singh sought Dr. Kalam’s advice in this matter too.Lead India Publishers Association (LIPA) is a very visionary initiative of Lead India Group and Dr. Kalam had great hope with it.

There is an undying respect for the great teacher in the hearts of each and every member of Lead India Group. He had promised to address the 5th annual convention of the LIPA on 23rd Aug 2015 in Hyderabad. But fate took him away from us a month before that, on 27th July 2016. So Lead India Group decided to devote a separate edition Lead India weekly to people with a very unique concept of Journalism to pay him true homage. 

This weekly Newspaper will give news to the people following the guidelines of Dr. Kalam and will play an important role in development of that area. Gradually Lead India will launch more Edition of Lead India weekly based on this concept. We believe that these Newspapers will contribute a lot in Dr. Kalam’s vision of developed India till 2020. First Edition based on this concept will start in 2017 from Burari Constituency of North Easth Delhi.

 Lead India Group – The Formation

When Mr. Singh returned to India with a degree in Public Relations from Berlin University of Professional Studies, he conceived an idea to provide a platform for those individuals who had the potential to lead and motivate the nation through journalism. For this The Lead India Group was instituted in 2007 under the leadership of Mr. Subhash Singh and the execution part was well managed by Miss Taruna S. Gaur with a young and dynamic team. The group decided to run its newspapers following the guidelines of Dr. Kalam.

In this way Lead India daily Newspaper and Inside Story Fortnightly was started first. Lead India Daily was giving the positive news and Inside Story was serving with its investigated stories.  Later Lead India Daily and Inside Story fortnightly merged into a Group named Lead India Group